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Covid-19 Update

Coronavirus (Covid-19) - Arun Wellbeing Notice

The Arun Wellbeing Team are continuing to support the residents of Arun to stay healthy and well whilst we all play our part in reducing and trying to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

In light of Government guidance we have currently suspended our face-to-face work including training sessions, workshops and one-to-one meetings.  However, the team are still here and available for you, instead, we will be communicating via telephone and/or email, enabling us to continue offering tailored advice, support and motivational interviewing just as before. 

We will reach out through telephone contact to those already booked onto our courses e.g. Pre-diabetes to enable you to receive the information and support you need to improve your lifestyle.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the team on 01903 737862 or via our secure self/professional referral form found on our Contact us page.

Latest Coronavirus (Covid-19) news links:

For the very latest information from the government visit the Government website 

For the latest NHS information visit the NHS website 

For the latest local information visit the Arun District Council website 

Mental health advice:

Take care of your mind and body! 

  • Stay together while we are apart. Stay connected with family and friends through telephone, video calls, and social media. Why not re-connect with old friends?
  • Help yourself by helping others: Support others locally by joining local community groups, message nearby friends. Remember – follow guidance on Covid-19 to ensure you and everyone else is safe.
  • Talking is great: Share your feelings/coping strategies. It may help them too! Get support if needed on NHS recommended helplines.
  • Overwhelmed? Intense anxiety? Focus on the things you can control. Set goals – achieving them gives sense of control and purpose. Get the right information – get facts! Don’t share inaccurate information, think of the effect it might have on others. Limit media information and updates.
  • Plan daily routine – adapt it and be creative! Do something you enjoy, try something new, check out free tutorials online or stream concerts etc to keep your mind active. Helpful resources include the NHS Every Mind Matters website and the NHS mental wellbeing Audio guides on the NHS website. These provide further information on how to manage anxiety.
  • Relax, find relaxation techniques. There is a helpful Mindfulness section on the NHS website. Following the most social distancing guidelines, get outside into green space and fresh air, or throw open a window and get as much natural sunlight in as possible. Remember physical wellbeing impacts on mental wellbeing. Unhealthy patterns of behaviour can make you feel worse. Eat regular, healthy, well balanced meals, drink plenty of water. Exercise once per day, inside if necessary, and adhere to social distancing guidelines. Check out the ‘ten minute workouts’ from the One You website and the Fitness Studio videos on the NHS website.
  • Now for bed!! Before bedtime avoid screens, decrease caffeine intake and create a restful environment. For help with sleep visit the One You website.

Information above has been summarised from UK Government website

Staying active: 

PLEASE NOTE:  the majority of our Wellbeing Active courses have been cancelled until futher notice due to staff and client saftey regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19). 

We are working hard to get these back up and running safely following the latest government guidance - please keep an eye on our Wellbeing Active Courses page for any updates. 

We are pleased to confirm that we are now running our Beginners Activity sessions again - please see our Wellbeing Active Page for information and dates. 

Please see the Staying Active page and Active & sustainable travel page for information on how you can stay active.

Staying social:

Please see the Being Social page for advice on how you can stay social and connected during Covid-19:

Alcohol advice: 

Please see the Arun Wellbeing alcohol support page for useful resources and information on alcohol support.

Information for older people: 

Please see the Older people and Covid-19 page for helpful information and guidance on how older people can look after their health and wellbeing.

Learning & volunteering

Please see the Learning and volunteering during Covid-19 page.

Coronavirus & domestic abuse

Please see Domestic abuse page.

Information for professionals: 

Please see the Guidance for Professionals during Covid-19 page.

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