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Alternatives sources of support

If you need to access advice and support, please visit West Sussex Energy website which provides information and contact points for the key home energy support services available within the Arun district.

These include:

  • Citizens Advice Home Engergy Telephone Service
  • LEAP (Local Energy Advice Partnership)
  • Age UK

and information about energy efficiency, housing repairs and heating grants is also available.

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Warm Home Discount Scheme

The Warm Home Discount could save you £140 off your electric bill. If you are eligible, the rebate will be credited to your electric account after the winter.

The discount has a ‘core’ group of eligible households and a ‘broader’ group. The ‘core’ group are those that receive the guarantee element of the Pension Credit, who should automatically receive the rebate. The 'broader group' are vulnerable customers on a low income, however the eligibility criteria for this is different with each supplier. If you think you’re in the ‘broader’ group you must submit an application directly to your energy supplier. If you are on a low income and have a child who is born on or after 1st April 2008, you could possibly get a £140 discount on your electricity bill this winter through the Warm Home Discount Scheme. The discount is available even if you use a pre-pay or pay-as-you-go electricity meter.

Don’t delay applying as the ‘broader’ schemes run on a first come first serve basis. Not all suppliers are obliged to offer the discount so check today to see if you are eligible. You need to check with your supplier if you meet their criteria to apply, either via their customer service phone number, or by going to their website and searching for Warm Home Discount.

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