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Apple and Tape measure

Wellbeing adviser one-to-one support for weight loss and Wellbeing Tanita Scales Health Check

Our Arun Wellbeing Advisers can support you to take the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle. We offer a free, confidential and friendly service where you are able to discuss what matters to you and how you want to change. 

This could include support to start losing weight, to get more active, to rethink your alcohol consumption, or advice on stopping smoking. 

We can also offer you a Wellbeing Tanita Scales health check where you will be asked to step on our state of the art scales, which gives not only the usual weight measurements but will also calculate your muscle mass, bone mass, hydration levels and give you a 'metabolic age', that is, how old your body thinks it is. You will have the chance to talk through your results, confidentially, with a Wellbeing adviser and decide on any steps you might want to take to help improve your health and lifestyle.

This is a great way to help you focus on how you can make small changes for a healthier you! 

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