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Free digital weight management service - Gro Health

Gro Health is a free digital weight management programme (available as an app or on the web) which is available to people living and working in West Sussex.

West Sussex County Council is providing 12 months free access to Gro Health for those who meet certain eligibility criteria.

Gro Health is an NHS trusted app that supports people to lose weight through a science-backed approach to physical and mental health. The platform provides tailored education, recipes and one-to-one health coaching based on individual dietary preferences to make losing weight easy and sustainable. It also supports with other aspects of lifestyle like sleep, exercise and mental wellbeing with on-demand exercise classes, immersive mindfulness and guided meditations. Gro Health can also be accessed in a number of different languages to support people on their weight loss journey.

What could I achieve?

Over 18,000 users across the UK have already achieved some amazing results, including:

  • Weight loss of 6.5% of body weight (achieved after 26 weeks)
  • 35% increase in steps taken (achieved after 26 weeks)
  • 32% reduction in depressive symptoms (achieved after 12 weeks)
  • 32% reduction in generalised anxiety (achieved after 12 weeks)
  • 23% reduction in perceived stress (achieved after 12 weeks)

How do I get access?

Free access to Gro Health is available to those who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Adults aged 18+ (no upper age limit) or registered carers aged under 18.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 to 40 (see the BMI calculator on the NHS website).
  • Residents who live or work in West Sussex and/or registered with a GP in West Sussex.

To sign up, simply fill out the registration form on the Gro Health website.

Alternatively, call 0330 133 0307, or email Gro Health who will be able to support you with signing up.

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