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Are you feeling less steady on your feet or maybe finding it harder to rise from a chair or use the stairs? 

An Arun Wellbeing, Wellbalanced for Wellbeing course may be suitable for you!

As we get older, muscles naturally start to lose strength. Everyday tasks such as rising from a
chair or walking outside alone, can become more of a challenge.

Wellbalanced for Wellbeing is an affordable community-based strength & balance exercise programme for anyone over the age of 65, who has either, experienced a fall, feels unsteady on their feet or perhaps has some concerns about falling in the future. Developed with qualified postural stability instructors, the classes are focused on building balance and strength.

Programme participants are offered: 

  • Local regular classes across Arun District
  • Home support packs
  • Practical advice
  • One-to-one strength and balance assessments

Important Notice (Covid-19):

Even during a pandemic, it is important to keep ourselves moving and remain sociable! So the service offers both face to face and online support options. 


Referrals to this service can be via a GP, healthcare worker or other professional, however self-referrals are also accepted. 

If you would like to refer yourself please visit the Wellbalanced For Wellbeing (Arun classes) Website page or call them on 01444 657099 or speak with your doctor.

Referrals can also be made via our secure referral forms on our Contact Us page

The Wellbalanced Programme is delivered by AHS Wellbeing on behalf of Arun Wellbeing. 

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